Playstation (3,4 & Vita)

Playstation (3,4 & Vita)

Please note that leaving your electronic device with us for repair constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Free Inspection & Repair Quotation

Not sure of the fault?, or have more than one problem? then the free inspection is what you need. After inspection we will call you with an exact cost of repair.

Cost = Free

PS3 Not Reading Discs, Games, Movies

Your playstation 3 games or blu ray movies may be loading slowly, freezing during play, stuttering or not loading at all.

Cost = £49.99

PS3 Jammed Disc Drive

Often as a result of children putting too many discs into the drive at once, the drive will not accept or eject discs and may make a loud clicking sound.

Cost = £49.99

PS3 XMB Dashboard Does Not Start Up

The console will power on but when starting up the dashboard / start menu does not fully load, indicated by waving lines but no icons.

Cost = £89.99

PS3 Cannot Load or Save Games

You are having difficulty loading or saving you games, sometimes you may see messages regarding corrupt data.

Cost = £49.99

PS3 Not Turning On / No Power

The playstation 3 will not turn on, it has no signs of life.

Cost = £69.99

PS3 Will Not Connect to Internet

The console will not connect to the internet, despite checking cables & configuration settings. Wireless & wired connections can be affected.

Cost = £49.99

PS3 Not Turning On - YLOD

When turning the console on from standby, the light changes to green then to yellow and back to red followed by 3 beeps. This fault is commonly called the yellow light of death, no display is sent to the t.v.


PS3 Freezing Graphics

The console will freeze randomly, the console may also freeze on the main dashboard. Often caused by a graphics chip defect but also disc reading problems.

Cost = £49.99

PS3 Shutting Down / Over Heating

The playstation 3 will shut down during use and the standby light will flash, often after about 20 minutes of the console being turned on.

Cost = £49.99

Please note the following:

Once we open your games console, any warranty held will be automatically made VOID. So please ensure that you are happy for us to do this before bringing in your console.

  • You are responsible for the transit of your console to our premises.
  • Our repairs and parts are guaranteed for 30 days. If after receiving your repaired console during this period, you experience problems that are not deemed to have been caused due to physical damage, you can return your console to us, where we will try to fix the fault, please bear in mind if the fault is due to replaced hardware we have to send the faulty goods back to our suppliers and have new ones returned to us, this could take upto 7 working days.
  • If you have any further questions about these service, please contact us