Xbox Repairs

Xbox Repairs

Please note that leaving your electronic device with us for repair constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions. 

Xbox One / S / X  Wireless networks not found

The console is not recognising controllers and/or connecting to the wireless broadband. Replacement Wireless card

Xbox One / S / X  Overheating

The console is not recognising controllers and/or connecting to the wireless broadband. Clean cooler and if required re-paste the CPU/GPU With high end thermal compound

Xbox One / S / X Not Reading Discs

The console is not reading some or all of your games, please check that your games are clean and free of scratches before using this service. Replacement Laser

Xbox One / S / X Jammed Disc Drive

The drive will not open or close properly. Strip console down and re-seat internals of Blu ray Drive

Xbox One / S / X Not Syncing With Controller

The xbox 360 console will not sync up with your wireless controller, you have tried the controller with another console and know the controller works. Replacement Bluetooth Adapter

Xbox One / S / X HDMI port replacement / Retimer chip

HDMI Port replacement

Unfortunately JB PC Repairs no longer fix this type of fault however Serenity Tech Repairs can help - 01706 599302

Please note the following:

Once we open your games console, any warranty held will be automatically made void. So please ensure that you are happy for us to do this before bringing in your console.

  • You are responsible for the transit of your console to our premises.
  • Our repairs and parts are guaranteed for 30 days. If after receiving your repaired console during this period, you experience problems that are not deemed to have been caused due to physical damage, you can return your console to us, where we will try to fix the fault, please bear in mind if the fault is due to replaced hardware we have to send the faulty goods back to our suppliers and have new ones returned to us, this could take upto 14 working days.