Desktop Computer - Virus, Spyware and Malware

Desktop Computer - Virus, Spyware and Malware

Is your computer showing adverts or popups, think you may have a virus. Then this is the service for you?

Has your computer started to slow down, crash or is it showing popups adverts, maybe your home page has changed to something you didnt choose, if so then you may have a virus. 

In 9/10 cases we can clean your system of these viruses without losing your data

Viruses are secretly downloaded onto your PC and can cause many issues. as well as viruses all computer users have to worry about spyware as well which can be downloaded to your PC without your knowledge and can report on your on-line behaviour or cause adverts to popup. Some of this information is for marketing companies but there are types that can be used to send your card details and even login passwords.

You may also be irritated with pop-up windows which seem to appear on all webpages these are known as Adware pop-ups. We can get rid of these too.

once your computer is clean, we can then install antivirus software to help you maintain a clean pc

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